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This is a special album we had the privilege of mixing for Bethel Music in Redding, California.    They went for something a little different than the standard live worship record,  and we had lots of fun with our analog gear on this one.  Featuring Brian Hughes,  Jeremy Riddle, Jenn Johnson.  

Katherine wrote a beautiful song,  and we collaborated and added some angst,  epic emotion and synths to this mix. 

We finished off the production and did the mix on this song for Dana.  

This is a remix from the ground up,  featuring new acoustic tracks and reworked beats before doing the mix.  

One of my favourite songs from the Bethel record,  it's wonderful to have video to go along with all the work put into the music. 

Indie startup T. Nautilus worked on two EP's,  with this one being the video single.