What's this whole process like?

1) Say hi!

2) Send audio!

3) We make sure everything sent is ready for mastering and in the best format.  Within a few business days we'll return your audio to you, sounding the absolute best it can. 

4) If there's a particular sound you're after, we'll tweak it until it's just right. 


Most of the work is in the relationship, learning what you like and what you're aspiring to.  That's also our favourite part of the process.  Music should never be dull or predictable. 

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What's the benefit of mastering?

Going beyond all the points of our homepage such as focus, impact, tone and acoustics, you'll have a real live human being who's a master craftsman at audio go over your music and make emotionally pleasing fine tweaks so that whatever format you're releasing to will sound its absolute best.  

If your audio was in rough shape to begin with, such as old archival material,  we'll restore it to its glorious beginnings. 

If your live show was so good you want to release it, we'll make sure it passes as a professional product. 

If your film or tv soundtrack is having consistency issues, we'll make sure the dynamics and tones are just right. 

If you're excited about your latest and best work, we'll make sure it really sounds its best.

If you've been working at home on your album for 2 years and have about twenty versions of each mix, your computer has run out of cpu power with all the plugins, and all you're doing now is tweaking mains eq and limiting out of frustration based on forum tips,  we may just save the day.  

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What is mastering?

Mastering, technically speaking, is preparing audio for a release format.   Playing music in the car is a release format, playing music in a club is a release format, uploading a song to Youtube is a release format, burning a CD is a release format, and listening to vinyl is a release format.  Plenty of formats!

Those all have different file formats, levels of quality and detail, and sonic characteristics that are different than whatever you've been listening to this whole time while working on your project.  iTunes is different than Spotify, which is different than Youtube, which is different than Lossless etc...  it can be an art just reproducing exactly what you've been hearing so far to the end listener, without even trying to change a thing. 

Avoiding changing file formats and sticking with the highest resolution sources until the very end is one thing that can be done to get a better product. 

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The Infamous Holy Grail Of Printing Mixes

Use whatever you like. 

Get the mix sounding exactly how you want it to. 

If you're limiting the mix at all, send an unlimited one too. 

If you threw a plugin on at the end of the mix instead of the beginning, send a version without it too. 

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